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Private Yoga

Many often ask, "What can yoga do for me?"


- Relieve stress

- Instill self-worthy thoughts

- Increase self-awareness

- Reduce anxiety

- Gain a stronger connection to your body and the choices you make that impact your body

- Gain a stronger connection to how your body is revealing what's going on inside, emotionally or mentally.


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Your Connection Back to Self

Yoga cannot heal all your ailments, but it can bring you closer to understanding more about what you need to be fulfilled, to feel loved, to feel secure, to know you are greater than your challenges. 

At this time sessions can be in-person or virtual, towards a more flexible you, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Private Reiki

Through the ability to read chakras or energy centers throughout the body, I am able to encourage healing, whether it be physical for those recovering from surgery or chronic pain, it can be emotional healing from an experience from the past or present, or it can be spiritual healing that often transcends throughout our lives and those of our ancestors.

This session does require answering a short quiz prior to the in-person session.

Reiki Session
Organic Vegetables

Holistic Nutrition Counseling

As a mother of three young children, I get it. Healing through your food CAN be hard. If you're cooking for one or if you're trying to transition your whole family, my EASY, healthy delicious recipes can HELP! But, let's go beyond that and get grocery shopping concierge services and more. 

Once you've got the ingredients, I will continue to SUPPORT you with virtual cooking class. You can invite your friends or get the whole family involved for a fun, hands-on virtual cooking experience.

Image by Jo Sonn
Holistic Nutrition Counseling
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