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Day 3 of the #NellaYogaSugarFreeChallenge

FINALLY my headaches are slowly subsiding. Man, I didn't think it would be this rough this time around, but I also didn't polish off a box of Oreo cookies the day before my last challenge. So, I"m on this journey for 30 days with no added sugar. When I say no added sugar, I"m talking ALL ADDED SUGARS, including honey, cane, brown, stevia, molasses, high fructose corn syrup, rice syrup, fruit concentrate, cane juice, sucralose, dextrose, and the list goes on.... Mentally, I"m going strong. I"m committed to coming out on top and this time really learning from my mistakes, but still learning this time around. Prime example, I was so confident that all peanut butters didn't include sugar until a challenger said their peanut butter had sugar. I quickly went to Google and found that my personally favorite peanut butter was a rarity! In fact, it took me several searches beyond just "Sugar-Free" which actually does include sugar of a another name to find a truly sugar-free peanut butter. The food industry has down a great job in ruining even the healthiest of snacks. Always be in doubt. Always check labels. Always read thoroughly and you'll find there be a lot more items you'll be putting back down in the packaged food aisles and lot more easy choices in the produce aisles. Happy SugarFree Hunting!!

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