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My Top 5 Favorite KC Vegan Spots

Some may already be thinking... There are 5 vegan spots in KC!??? Well, technically, no. BUT, there are 5 vegan-friendly spots in Kansas City. To be clear, I'm not talking about the guys who put vegan friendly on their Yelp page, but not one waiter or even manager can truly confirm confidently that their options are vegan. I'm talking the real deal, they know that honey isn't vegan, but can still be labeled plant-based kinda vegan-friendly, so I'm going to let you know up front what's vegetarian and what's really vegan.

Let's begin!

#5 Urban Cafe - Top picks: Quinoa bowl and chickpea tacos wrapped in the local green for the day, sometimes butter lettuce wraps or collards. Yumm... Not to mention, the most affordable on our list and family-owned in the heart of the KC!

#4 The Foundry - Late night vegan... There is a God!! Open until 1am. I haven't had anything that isn't delicious. My favorite is the vegan pizza available at yes, I'll say it again, 1:00am. You're welcome!

#3 Füd - Controversial? Indeed. But, if you happen to make it there, the nachos are the bomb. And don't let those freshly made juices stop you from having a good time and be sure to end with a bowl of in house made cashew milk ice cream.

#2 Sunni's Holistic Delights - Delivery-- check! Catering--- check! Vegan desserts absolutely to die for---check! Not to mention her homemade wines are unique gifts and/or a treat for yourself. Did someone say apple wine?

#1 Organic Soul KC - Voted #1 Best Plant-Based Wing in Kansas City at the Plant-Based Wing Competition by Voice for Animals earlier in January and still she can't be touched. KC native, LaDonna Johnson, has taken the vegan community by storm with options for weddings, events, healthy corporate options, and let's not forget the I hate to show up to watch a football game and all I can eat are the chips and salsa. Bring some wings or my personal favorite, her seitan/Jackfruit-based ribs (soy-free!) finger-licking good, even the meat-eaters will be snagging some of your food. Which honestly, isn't always a good thing, so be sure to bring enough to share!

Have a personal vegan-friendly favorite not mentioned in Kansas City, let me know in the comments below. Happy eating plant-based lovers!

** Don't take my word for it. Always ensure your meal is being prepared vegan by confirming with staff/chef.

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