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The Real Sugar-Free Challenge

The 3rd sugar-free challenge has come to an end and a part of me feels empty. There's a deep feeling of "what now?" Do I go back to eating sugar as I have after the last 2 challenges or do I decide to give it up for good? I have been recently seeing posts about "BALANCE" and it's ok to have a cheat day or a cheat meal and I begin to question my inner gut. All the while as I read Gandhi's autobioagraphy, My Experiments with Truth, I feel like I'm being urged to make changes to encourage "self-restraint." First starting with the body and then the mind. Yes, I perhaps have taken this really deep, really quickly, but stay with me on this one. The daily habit of consuming sugar, both voluntarily and involuntarily because of its presence in 80% of all American processed foods, I ask myself how can I escape this habit and live free of sugar. Do I have to become an outcast? Refusing to socialize with others in fear of being tempted by sugar or do I just suck it up and accept my fate of finding "balance" and having a treat from time to time. But, who can define balance. And how can putting toxic chemicals in my body, sugar, be finding balance? Perhaps to some, having a cheat day is an extreme. Seriously, no one ever encourages an alcoholic to have a cheat day. Yet, if I am willing to admit my addiction to sugar, should I take the consequences and my actions as seriously. Just because sugar is socially acceptable as a must-have for celebrations, parties, events, picker-uppers, and so forth, does it make it right? Does it make the masses right?

As I continue to seek my own truths, these are the questions I ask. These are the realities I face to want to live a life sugar-free. Sure, it can be done. I've seen enough YouTube videos and documentaries on not only individuals, but entire families living sugar-free. Is that the life for me? I'll keep you posted...

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